REFUNDS: Programs

1. A request for refund must be submitted in writing.

2. NYSOGA retains the right to modify a Rendezvous schedule, or course or program if circumstances warrant; or cancel the same due to insufficient enrollment.

3. Online registration through the NYSOGA website and refund via PayPal is preferred.

4. Personal checks must be received at least two weeks prior to any registration deadline.

Refund Time Frame:

    30 or more days: Full refund
    14-30 days: Refund minus $20 handling fee
    0-14 days: Refund minus $20 handling fee plus contractual obligations*
    No notification: No refund

*Contractual obligations: Any NYSOGA incurred costs (e.g. text books, materials etc).

5. A refund will be remitted to the registrant within 60 days.

REFUNDS: Merchandise

1. Sale of items purchased at Winter Rendezvous are considered final.

2. Payment and/or refund of mail order items via PayPal is preferred.

3. Personal checks must be received at least two weeks prior to mail order item shipment.

4. Refund for mail order items returned within 30 days of receipt, in original condition, includes the price of the item plus tax, but minus shipping.

5. Refund for flawed, damaged or incorrect mail order items includes the price of the item plus tax and shipping.

6. In the event that a product is unavailable, the consumer may apply for refund or credit.

Approved: 10/28/15
Reviewed: July 2016, July 2017

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