NYS Sporting License Information from NYS DEC

Sporting licenses are citizens' authorization to use the state's resources, as well as DEC's principal tool for managing the state's fish and wildlife populations. The department issues licenses for fishing, hunting, trapping, commercial shellfish harvesting, and special licenses and permits for outdoor guides and wildlife rehabilitators.

Sporting Licenses (DECALS) may be purchased over the counter at license issuing outlets, such as sporting goods stores, town clerk offices, and some major discount stores.
Currently they are available at the following DEC regional offices: Region 1 - Stony Brook, Region 5 - Ray Brook, Region 6 - Watertown, Region 9 - Alleghany, Region 9 - Buffalo and Central Office - Albany.

They may be purchased by phone: * 1-86-NY-DECALS (1-866-933-2257) with a major credit card. Applicants should have the following items ready: Complete name and address information; Proof of Residency information ( driver' license number or non-drivers ID number to qualify for a resident license); MasterCard or Visa number and card expiration date.

By mail: VERIZONbusiness, PO Box 36985, Phoenix, AZ 85067-6985 You will have to download an application from the DEC web site to accomplish this. Please allow up to three weeks for the delivery when purchasing licenses or permits by phone, mail, or on-line.

More information is available through the DEC web site. Their contact info is located in the Sporting License box located on this page.

Information Regarding Motorized Marine Vessels For Hire

Note that anyone operating a motorized marine vessel for hire must obtain a Public Vessel license to comply with §50 of the NYS Navigation Law. These services are conducted by the NYS Parks – Marine Services Bureau. A Public vessel is defined in §2 of the NYS Navigation Law as: every vessel which is propelled in whole or in part by mechanical power and is used or operated for commercial purposes on the navigable waters of the state.

New York State Parks Boating Resources page includes the paperwork necessary for anyone operating a motorized vessel for hire to comply with §50 of the NYS Navigation Law. This page includes the Public Vessel Operator's study guide, applications for a Public Vessel license and the application for certification of a Public Vessel. A Public Vessel inspection and license is required in all circumstances as defined above, there are no exemptions for holding a NYS DEC Guides License.

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